Tuesday, February 24, 2009


1. Explanation and pictures of basic supplies
2. Different types of art journals with photos of sample pages
3. How to reduce bulk so that your journal will close more completely after adding paint and embellishments
4. Making a page shield that won't shift around and will really protect underneath pages while you paint
5. Multiple ways to create backgrounds for pages with instructions and photos illustrating each one
6. Understanding color (i.e., what is a double-primary palette and how to use it to avoid muddy colors)
7. Principles and elements of good design
8. Creating a variety of borders for your pages
9. Advantages and disadvantages of different adhesives and how to apply them to minimize wrinkling
10. Using pictures in ingenious ways
11. Very simple drawing techniques even if you think you can't draw
12. Good writing tools
13. Creative lettering that's easy and fun
14. Suggestions for writing
15. Embellishments with rubberstamps, stencils, textured materials, various decorative papers
16. Ways to decorate your covers
17. Tips throughout to help you avoid problems

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